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Nigella Express
(Alfred A. Knopf) ISBN 978-0676979763 0676979769

Nigella Express is a 390-page cookbook with 130 recipes for fast food and instructions on how to prepare meals quickly.

Nigella Express recipes have short, numbered, easy-to-follow instructions. All quick recipes are one page or less, including Nigella's introduction, ingredients and instructions.

Nigella Lawson's chapter introductions include cooking shortcuts, tips for making meals when you are in a hurry and ways to save time preparing ingredients.

Full-color, full-page images depict delectable fast meals made from Nigella Express recipes.

Each quick recipe lists ingredient measurements in metric (grams and mls rather than ounces and teaspoons). Nigella Express includes a ribbon as a page marker. The Storecupboard SOS sidebar features cooking shortcuts and fast recipes for infused oils like garlic oil, wok oil and chilli oil.

Smoked cod and cannellini. Naan pizza. Avocado crayfish cocktail. Breakfast bruschetta. Gravlax sashimi. Irish Cream tiramisu. Mirin glazed salmon. Butternut and sweet potato soup. Green apple martini. Tuna, crab and avocado wraps. Duck breasts with pomegranate and mint. Ginger passionfruit trifle. Marsala honey pears with gorgonzola. Pomegranate bellini. Merguez with halloumi and flame roasted peppers. Wasabi lime dressing. Clafoutis.

Nigella Express


  • Introduction
  • Everyday Easy
  • Workday Winners
  • Retro Rapido
  • Get Up and Go
  • Quick Quick Slow
  • Against the Clock
  • Instant Calmer
  • Razzle Dazzle
  • Speedy Gonzales
  • On the Run
  • Hey Presto
  • Holiday Snaps
  • Storecupboard SOS
  • Index


Nigella Lawson is the author of five other cookbooks and the hostess of several TV cooking shows.

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