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Paletas - Authentic Recipes for Mexican Ice Pops, Shaved Ice and Aguas Frescas
(Ten Speed Press) ISBN 978-1607740353 1607740354

This book features recipes for Mexican frozen treats, including shaved ice (raspados), horchata, ice pops (paletas) and refreshing drinks (aguas frescas) sold by Fany Gerson from her New York paleta carts.

Sold in paleterias (paleta shops) in Mexico, paletas are a refreshing way to cool off on hot days.

How to make Mexican frozen treats

Paletas makes you want to travel to Mexico to sample shaved ice, aguas frescas and Mexican ice pops from family stands and the feria de paletas (paletas fair) held in Tocumbo, in Michoacan state.

The next best thing to going to Mexico is making the paletas recipes in Fany Gerson's cookbook. She introduces each frozen treat recipe and chapter with information about ingredients. Most are readily available in North America. A few are Mexican ingredients, like chamoy, a salty, acidic pickled plum or apricot sauce, which Mexicans love.

Other introductions are like a culinary travel guide to Mexico. At the beginning of the paletas de fresa (strawberry ice pops) recipe, Fany Gerson notes that the best strawberries in Mexico are from Irapuato.

Ed Anderson and Paul O'Hanlon's photos of paletas, shaved ice, aguas frescas and their ingredients illustrate Paletas.

Varieties of paletas

In the introduction to Paletas, Gerson explains that there are two types of paletas. The first type is paletas de agua, made with fresh fruit, water, sweeteners and flavors like lime, chili and coconut. The second type of paleta is paletas de leche, or paletas de crema, made with milk or cream and fresh fruit, nuts and chocolate.

Fany Gerson lists flavors that include fruit, vegetables, like avocados, and flowers, such as roses and hibiscus. She also describes paleta molds, made of plastic or silicone, but notes that you can make your own paleta molds from shot glasses and disposable cups.

Sample paletas, shaved ice and aguas frescas recipes

Cantaloupe ice pops. Spicy pineapple ice pops. Sour cream, cherry and tequila ice pops. Avocado ice pops. Yogurt ice pops with berries. Roasted banana ice pops. Lime pie ice pops. Pecan ice pops. Mexican chocolate ice pops. Mexican eggnog ice pops. Caramel ice pops. Rice pudding ice pops. Piña colada shaved ice. Fizzy orange cooler. Cinnamon rice drink (horchata de arroz).

Paletas by Fany Gerson


  • Paletas (Ice Pops)
  • Raspados (Shaved Ices)
  • Aguas Frescas (Refreshing Drinks)
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Fany Gerson runs a Mexican frozen treats business, La Newyorkina, that serves Mexican sweets and paletas in New York City.

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