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Kitchen - Recipes from the Heart of the Home
(Alfred A. Knopf) ISBN 978-0307398550 0307398552

This Nigella Lawson book focuses on kitchen cooking. Amateur and experienced cooks will find answers to cooking questions as well as advice on kitchen equipment and chef tools.

More than 190 Nigella Lawson recipes help you prepare delicious dishes, transform leftover food and cook 60 easy meals in less than a half hour. If you are looking for recipes for comfort food, ideas for a last-minute dinner party or an afternoon tea menu, you will find it in this kitchen cookbook.

Make-ahead meals

Each chapter and recipe in Kitchen begins with an introduction. For example, in the introduction to her chicken fajitas recipe, Nigella Lawson recommends making her jumbo chilli sauce recipe to serve as a salsa with the dish.

Many of the Nigella Lawson recipes include notes for make-ahead instructions, freezer storage and what to do with leftovers. After her South Indian vegetable curry recipe, for example, Nigella notes that you can make the sauce one day ahead and freeze it for up to one month. She suggests using leftover curry sauce on lemon sole.

Lis Parsons food photography depicts delicious dishes prepared with recipes from Kitchen, as well as photos of Nigella Lawson cooking, recipe ingredients and kitchen equipment.

How to use leftovers

This 489-page cookbook begins with a guide to kitchen equipment. Nigella Lawson provides advice on enameled cast iron cookware, electric grills and yogurt makers. Kitchen also includes time-saving tips on kitchen tools, like whisks and graters.

Besides ways to use leftovers from each recipe, Nigella Lawson provides recipes for leftover roast, like pantry paella and mixed meat pilaf.

Kitchen tips range from how to brown onions quickly (sprinkle them with salt) to how to store leftover wine for cooking (freeze it). Other kitchen advice includes what to cook with black bananas (banana cheesecake with toffee topping) and what to do with wrinkled apples (make apple and cinnamon muffins).

Sample Nigella Lawson recipes

Crustless pizza. Lamb with rosemary and port. Vietnamese pork noodle soup. Spiced pumpkin chutney. Avocado salsa. Salmon and sushi rice. Saffron risotto. Peanut butter hummus. Parsley pesto. Pumpkin scones. Strawberry and almond crumble. Chocolate key lime pie. Chocolate brownie balls. Frangelico tiramisu. Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. No-churn pina colada ice cream. Coffee toffee meringues. Guinness gingerbread. Rice Krispie brownies.

Kitchen - Recipes from the Heart of the Home by Nigella Lawson


Kitchen caboodle
Kitchen confidential

Part 1: Kitchen Quandaries
  • What's for tea?
  • Hurry up, I'm hungry!
  • Easy does it
  • Cook it better
  • My sweet solution
  • Off the cuff
Part 2: Kitchen Comforts
  • Chicken and its place in my kitchen
  • A dream of hearth and home
  • At my table
  • The solace of stirring
  • The bone collection
  • Kitchen pickings
  • The cook's cure for Sunday-night-itis


Nigella Lawson books are best-sellers: Nigella Christmas, How to Eat, How to be a Domestic Goddess, Nigella Bites, Forever Summer, Feast and Nigella Express. Nigella Lawson hosts the TV cooking show, Kitchen, in the UK. Fans can buy the Nigella Quick Collection iPhone app. Nigella Lawson's Living Kitchen sells kitchen equipment, co-designed with Sebastian Conran.

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