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Dutch Phrasebook
(Lonely Planet) ISBN 978-1741791808

Speak and understand the Dutch language in Holland, Aruba, the Dutch Antilles, Flanders Belgium, Suriname and other Dutch-speaking countries with this translation guide and 3,500-word Dutch to English dictionary.

This 255-page Holland phrase book is organized into communication situations such as checking out of a hotel or asking for the local Internet café.

Map of Holland

The introduction to Lonely Planet's Dutch Phrasebook features a map of Holland and Belgium and explains why Flemish, spoken in Flanders, is the same language as Dutch.

Each section is subdivided into practical language guides. For example, the tools section contains grammar and pronunciation advice, as well as a phrase builder to help you ask questions and get directions in Dutch. You will also find calendar, money and number translations.

Simple line sketches help you translate object names. For example, a street scene has traffic lights, bus, car, intersection, curb, bike lane and shops with their names in Dutch and English. Colored pictures illustrate typical Dutch icons like Holstein cows, gabled houses and wooden shoes.

Holland's second language

Sidebars explain Frisian, the Netherlands second language, the true story of Santa Claus (Sinterklaas), translations of Dutch street signs and other key information for a Holland visit.

The inside front cover contains essential Dutch phrases like please (alstublieft) and thank you (dank u). The food section features a list of places to eat and drink in Holland, including brown cafés, coffee houses, herring stands and pancake parlors, as well as translations of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Menu translation

The culinary reader is a dictionary of Dutch foods and dishes such as poffertjes (small puffed-up pancakes with butter and icing sugar).

The section on language difficulties provides translations for essential Dutch expressions like: "I don't understand. (Ik begrijp het niet.)" and "Do you speak English? (Spreekt u Engels?)" The social section contains phrases like: "What is this called? (Hoe noem je dit?)"

Dutch: Lonely Planet Phrasebook


  • Tools
    • pronunciation
    • a-z phrasebuilder
    • language difficulties
    • numbers and amounts
    • time and dates
    • money
  • Practical
    • transport
    • border crossing
    • directions
    • accommodation
    • shopping
    • communications
    • banking
    • sightseeing
    • business
    • senior and disabled travellers
    • children
  • Social
    • meeting people
    • interests
    • feelings and opinions
    • going out
    • romance
    • beliefs and cultural differences
    • art
    • sport
    • outdoors
  • Food
    • eating out
    • self-catering
    • vegetarian and special meals
    • culinary reader
  • Safe Travel
    • essentials
    • health
  • Dictionary
    • English-Dutch
    • Dutch-English


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