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Blue List: The Best in Travel
(Lonely Planet) ISBN 978-1741791952

Find the best places to go and the best things to see and do around the world. Learn about travel in Islamic countries, endangered wildlife, travel to the hottest and coldest parts of the world, the world's strangest museums, best value destinations, great river trips, the world's best beer destinations, great film festivals, tropical paradises, Chinese sports, green travel destinations, volcano tours, unusual hotels, space travel, spiritual sightseeing and the world's largest monuments.

Snappy, topical, and entertaining, Blue List: The Best in Travel is a compilation of lists on 225 pages. Lists that exite you. Lists that intrigue you. Lists that motivate you to travel, see and experience.

Golists highlight what's unique and appealing for 30 countries, regions and cities, including Armenia, Eritrea, Reunion Island and Punta del Diablo, Uruguay. Blue List Moments feature travel recommendations by readers, such as the coracle boat rides on Cauvery River in Hogenakkal, India. The Endangered Wildlife section highlights natural habitats, like Kaa-iya del Gran Chaco National Park in Bolivia, where visitors can see the giant armadillo and Chacoan peccary.

One Bluelist features the best places to get away from it all: Aleutian Islands in Alaska, Tuamotus in French Polynesia, Khongoryn Els in Mongolia, Kulusuk in Greenland and Foula in Scotland. Another Bluelist describes the coldest places on earth: Vostok Station in Antarctica, Eureka in Canada, Oymyakon in Russia, Denali in Alaska and Ulaanbaator in Mongolia. The list of the hottest places on earth follows: Dasht-e Lut in Iran, Death Valley in California, Bangkok in Thailand, Dallol in Ethiopia and Al-Aziziyah in Libya.

Many great color images depict the listed destinations and activities.

The Travel Islam theme section describes the location, access and things to see and do in places like Saudi Arabia, Bukhara, Lake Dal and San'a, Yemen. It reviews Islamic sports such as camel racing, no rules polo and 18 Muslim Elbows, a martial art in China. An Islamic vocabulary guide translates Arabic words and phrases like in sha' Allah (God willing). Readers find advice on what to wear, alcohol use, smoking, touching, topics of conversation, mosque visits and eating.

Other Islamic topics include historic spiritual centers like Mecca and Kerbala, Iraq, the five pillars of Islam, famous mosques, Islamic music and Muslim communities in non-Islamic countries. The Travel Islam feature concludes with a list of 50 nations with the largest Muslim populations.

For each destination, basic facts in the Golists include population, language, capital, major industries, unit of currency, a cost index with sample prices, festivals and events, local food specialties and best shopping.

Lonely Planet 2008 Bluelist


Tony Wheeler on Bluelist
Travel Planner
Travel Themes (countries, regions and cities)
  • Armenia
  • Bhutan
  • Eritrea
  • Montenegro
  • Mozambique
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Yemen
  • Azores
  • Bolivian Amazon
  • Colorado, USA
  • Glacier National Park, USA
  • Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
  • Northeast England
  • Northwest Vietnam
  • Peninsular Malaysia
  • Raan, Nicaragua
  • Réunion (France)
  • Tiwi Islands, Australia
  • Apia, Samoa
  • Bologna, Italy
  • Chengdu, China
  • Cordoba, Argentina
  • Damascus, Syria
  • Fez, Morocco
  • Matsuyama, Japan
  • Miami, USA
  • Mumbai, India
  • Punta del Diablo, Uruguay
  • Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Vienna, Austria
Travel Islam
  • Destination Islam
  • A world of wonders
  • Top 10 Islam
  • Sport + Islam
  • The art of Islam
  • Religion & culture
  • A question of cover
  • The Islamic experience
  • Stop the bad-mouthing
  • Holy cities
  • Daily life
  • The five pillars of Islam
  • Travel Islam - some practical dos + don'ts
  • Mighty mosques
  • Glam Islam
  • Pop Islam
  • Islam around the corner
  • Population Islam
Bluelist Moments
Endangered Wildlife

  • Best-value destinations
  • Now you see them... now you...
  • Explorers & their journeys
  • 'I've been everywhere, man..'
  • Cities on the rise
  • Five places to lose yourself/lose everyone else
  • The best of cosmopolitan Africa
  • Great river trips
  • Best brews
  • Countries on the rise
  • Great film festivals
  • Tropical paradise
  • Friendliest countries
  • Sporty China
  • Like the song?
  • Food wonderlands of the world
  • Metropolis mania
  • Coldest/hottest
  • Almost mythical places
  • Green city envy
  • Volcano!
  • Know your travel
  • Sleep behind bars
  • Risky pursuits
  • Space travel
  • Travel for a higher cause
  • Travel with all your senses
  • Big!
  • Strange museums
  • Winners' lists


Andrew Bain, Craig Scutt, Karla Zimmerman and Simon Sellars

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