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Pudlo Paris
(Michel Lafon) ISBN 978-2749918150 2749918154

This 418-page hardcover guidebook reviews and rates Paris restaurants, cafés, wine bars, pubs, bistros, brasseries, tea salons and gourmet shops.

Arranged by Paris arrondissements, each chapter begins with a summary of the best restaurants, shops, bakeries and markets in the region. For each restaurant, the book lists the address, Metro stop, phone number, Fax, email address, website, opening hours and days. Gilles Pudlowski provides prix fixe and à la carte prices in euros for lunch and dinner as well as information on air conditioning, valet parking, private dining rooms and patios/terraces.

Where to eat

Categories include Grand Restaurants, Good Restaurants, International Restaurants and Gilles Pudlowski's Favorites. Shops feature bread and baked goods, wine, charcuterie, table-top and kitchenware, chocolate, candy and sweets, cheese, ice cream, books, pastries, coffee and fine groceries.

Restaurant descriptions include decor, atmosphere, chef, sample menu items and service. Shop descriptions discuss owners, specialties, tastings, service and delivery, if available.

There are no images or illustrations in the Parisian restaurant guidebook.

The introduction describes award-winning chefs, bakers, hostesses, bistros and restaurants.

Inexpensive meals

Symbols identify very good and excellent restaurants, one of the best restaurants in Paris, disappointing places to eat, good value for money, meals for less than 30 euros and restaurants with historical significance.

Other symbols identify restaurants as simple, comfortable, very comfortable, luxurious and very luxurious.

Favorite Paris restaurant

At the end of the culinary guide, an index lists restaurants and shops alphabetically with symbols indicating a garden or terrace, open past 11 p.m. and open on Sundays.

In the 1st arrondissement, in the heart of Paris, Gilles Pudlowski lists A Casa Luna as his special favorite. He describes the Corsican decor and food, such as cannelloni, stuffed with brocciu (a Corsican goat cheese) and lists wines from Sartene that complement the dishes.

In the 7th arrondissement, Pudlo Paris lists Michel Chaudun, which sells dark and milk chocolate eggs, chocolate postage stamps, sausages and truffle pastes.

Pudlo Paris: A Restaurant Guide


  • Could pleasure be back on the menu?
  • Best Restaurants
  • Best Value for Money
  • Best International Restaurants by Cuisine
  • Key to Ratings and Symbols
  • 1st to 20th arrondissement
  • Index


Gilles Pudlowski is author of Pudlo France and two cookbooks, France the Beautiful Cookbook and Great Women Chefs of Europe, as well as other guides and books. He is a writer and restaurant critic for Le Point, a French weekly magazine.

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