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Robin Rescues Dinner
(Clarkson Potter) ISBN 978-0307451408 0307451402

Robin Miller provides more than 350 easy recipes for fast healthy meals. The time-saving menus for main courses, side dishes and desserts in Robin Rescues Dinner make meal assembly easy.

The quick meals cookbook includes advance preparation tips and advice on how to use leftovers to make weeknight dinners.

Quick meal ideas

The 304-page cookbook features three seasonal menus for each week of the year. Each dinner menu begins with a prep list, which helps you reduce cooking time by preparing ingredients in advance. Robin Miller specifies prep time and cook time for each recipe.

Most main dish recipes include ideas for quick side dishes. For example, a recipe for crisp celery salad accompanies the recipe for Southwest chicken pot pie.

Fast desserts

Other dinner recipes in Robin Rescues Dinner include quick dessert ideas. For example, Robin Miller adds a recipe for chocolate pecan meringue cookies to her Marsala, brown sugar and pineapple glazed ham recipe.

Thirty-eight color photos depict Robin Miller cooking and hunger-inducing dishes like grilled flank steak with blue cheese crumb topping.

Ways to use leftovers

Morph to another meal sidebars help you create new meals from leftovers. For example, Robin Miller includes a chicken caesar sandwich recipe made with leftover cooked chicken. Another sidebar provides 25 fast meals from a rotisserie chicken (e.g., chicken and rice frittata and chicken gyros).

Robin Rescues Dinner helps you use leftover steak with ten fast meal ideas (e.g., Cuban steak sandwiches and steak kebabs).

Sample recipes for fast meals

Hearts of palm bake with chicken and gorgonzola. Butternut squash with dried apples. Roasted chipotle honey mustard chicken. Roasted asparagus soup. Grilled portobello burgers with provolone. Chimichangas ranchero with steak and pink beans. Shrimp pomodoro over angel hair. Halibut with red pepper pesto. Roast beef empanandas with cilantro sour cream. Lemongrass poached salmon with wasabi soy mayo. Popcorn shrimp with Cajun mayo. Scallops with brown butter, lemon and capers. Turkey meatball soup with rice. Spinach fettuccine with gorgonzola alfredo. Creamy linguine with ham, goat cheese and basil. Steak with cognac cream and baked brie tartlets with pear relish. Grilled Moroccan steak with charred zucchini mint salsa.

Robin Rescues Dinner


  • Week 1 — Week 52:
    (Recipes and meal plan for three days per week)


Robin Miller stars in the Food Network TV cooking shows, Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller and Robin to the Rescue.

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