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Robin to the Rescue
(Taunton Press) ISBN 978-1600850042 1600850049

Robin Miller provides versatile recipes that are easy and quick to prepare. Some recipes can be partially prepared in advance to speed up getting dinner on the table. Slow-cooker options create meals while you are away.

Robin Miller starts with the premise that home cooks are busy people. By concentrating on minimizing the number of ingredients in each meal and reducing preparation time, Robin to the Rescue provides easy recipes for fast and delicious meals.

There are more than 200 recipes in this 314-page soft cover cookbook. Fast recipes use five ingredients or less so readers can easily make home cooked meals every night of the week.

Introductions to each chapter and recipe offer preparation and storage tips, with suggestions for combining recipes in the book to form a complete meal.

Robin to the Rescue contains 40 mouthwatering color photos of completed dishes, clustered together in the center. Each chapter begins with monochrome images of Robin Miller cooking.

Each quick recipe lists the total time, prep time and active cooking time, as well as number of servings.

Make It a Meal Kit sidebars suggest how to partially prepare and cook ingredients in advance to save time when preparing the meal later. Have It Your Way sidebars list alternative ingredients or preparation techniques to create variations of a recipe.

Morph It sidebars double recipes so the excess can be combined with other ingredients for a different meal. Bank a Batch recommends doubling quantities for storage and later use when less time is available. Slow Cook It sidebars transform stove-top meals to slow-cooked foods that cook while you are away.

The Quick Fix index identifies meal kit, bank a batch, slow cook, morph, and five ingredients or less recipes. At the back of Robin to the Rescue, a useful table of equivalents lists US and metric conversions for liquid and dry measurements and oven temperatures.

Tomato gazpacho with pineapple and jicama. Red pepper hummus with toasted pita triangles. Rosemary rubbed flatbread. Orzo with spicy edamame. Beet ravioli in gorgonzola broth. Zucchini risotto with gorgonzola. Mulligatawny stew over rice. Turkey spinach salad with strawberries, kiwi and cashews in honey sesame dressing. Chipotle pork soft tacos. Pork chops with mustard sage sauce. Meatballs with root beer BBQ sauce. Flank steak with parsley basil chimichurri. Coconut shrimp with curried tomato, lime and roasted garlic coulis. Smoked salmon with apple horseradish cream and black bread. Balsamic roasted beets. Bruschetta with chipotle cilantro butter. Red lettuce with honey maple vinaigrette. Blueberry nectarine galette. Chocolate caramel fondue.

Robin to the Rescue


  • Robin to the rescue: the quick fix way
  • Soups and starters
  • Pasta and risotto
  • Chicken and turkey
  • Pork and ham
  • Beef
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Side dishes and salads
  • Desserts
  • The quick fix recipe index
  • Index
  • Equivalency charts


Robin Miller is hostess of a Food Network TV show, author of the Quick Fix Meals cookbook and contributing editor to Health magazine.

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