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Just in Time!
(Clarkson Potter) ISBN 978-0307383181 0307383180

In Just in Time!, readers find nearly 100 quick recipes for meals that they can make in 15 minutes, 30 minutes and one hour.

Rachael Ray believes that cooking time shouldn't get in the way of a good meal. She selects and organizes her recipes to minimize preparation time and maximize the enjoyment of the food.

Each chapter of Just in Time! begins with an index of quick meal recipes and Rachael Ray's comments on the theme. Recipes list ingredients for four. Clear instructions make preparation easy.

Eight full-page color images illustrate Rachael Ray's cookbook recipes.

The 336-page cookbook features fast recipes suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner, make your own take-out meals, date night dinners, and meals kids will love.

Rachael Ray's tidbits include cooking tips on how to prevent stained hands when peeling beets, how to stem chard, how to make garam masala and how to make your own pita chips.

French onion burgers with oven fries and Dijon gravy. Carbonara deep-dish pasta-crusted pan pizza. Oven-roasted cioppino. Paella in quince. Charred chili relleno with green rice. Sesame-battered fish tacos with seared cabbage and avocado cream. Buffalo baked chicken with blue cheese, celery and carrot slaw. Caribbean burgers with mango salsa. Italian fish 'n' chips.

Just in Time! by Rachael Ray


  • The Just in Time Breakdown
  • Introduction
  • Sammie Night: Burgers, Heroes, Clubs, Wraps and Pizzas
  • Hot Pots: Stoups, Choups, Chilis and Stews
  • Using Your Noodle: Pasta, Noodle Bowls, Couscous and Baked Pastas
  • The Salad Bar: Entrée Salads and Veggie Mains
  • I'll Have The Fish: Seafood, Fish and Shellfish Suppers
  • Who You Callin' Chicken? The Best of the Bird, from Drumsticks to Turkey and Eggs
  • MMMM, Beefy! Steaks, Chops, Cutlets and Tenderloins


Rachael Ray is hostess of Rachael Ray and other TV Food Network programs, publisher of Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine and author of 13 previous cookbooks. She also promotes her charitable Yum-o! Organization to improve American eating habits.

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