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Canadian Living The Complete Christmas Book:
The All-You-Need Guide to a Memorable Christmas
(Transcontinental Books) ISBN 978-0973835571

Plan the perfect Christmas dinner, brunch, open-house and party, with tips for Christmas decorations, entertaining, gifts, recipes and menus.

Easy to read and follow, each idea, menu, recipe, tip and decoration in the 234-page Canadian Living The Complete Christmas Book is thoroughly described with plenty of details and photos.

How to make a gingerbread house

Every chapter has a theme, such as Christmas desserts and recipes for kids, e.g., how to make gingerbread houses. Each recipe has tips, ingredients, detailed instructions and serving quantities, as well as calorie and nutritional content.

Many full page color images illustrate the recipes and Christmas decorations.

Christmas fireplace decorations

Sidebars include how to make an ornamental wreath, Christmas decorations for fireplace mantels, Christmas table and centerpiece decorations, how to make sugared fruit, and ways to recycle old tree ornaments.

A Party Planner helps readers plan menus, order supplies and estimate quantities of foods and drinks required. There are instructions on how to make Christmas stockings, wine bottle gift bags and Christmas crackers.

Holiday recipes

Thai crab salad phyllo cups. Mini golden latkes. Apple and chestnut-stuffed roast goose. Cranberry apple mincemeat tarts. Lemon pistachio biscotti. Pignoli. Peanut butter Nanaimo bars. Panettone. Gingerbread Christmas trees and snowmen. Dark chocolate truffles. Irish cream liqueur. And for the not-to-be-forgotten canine pet treat: dog's breath biscuits.

Canadian Living The Complete Christmas Book: The All-You-Need Guide to a Memorable Christmas, with Recipes, Crafts and Decorating Ideas


Chapter One: Holiday Cheer

Chapter Two: Celebration Menus

Chapter Three: Creative Entertaining

Chapter Four: Party Finales

Chapter Five: Cookies, Bars & Squares

Chapter Six: Sweet & Savoury Breads

Chapter Seven: Fun Family Projects

Chapter Eight: Gifts from the Kitchen


Editors and staff of Canadian Living Magazine

Elizabeth Baird, executive food editor
Karen Kirk, home decor editor
Jo Calvert, crafts and gardening editor

Elizabeth Baird has received many awards for her food writing and cookbooks.

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