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Ultimate Food Journeys - The World's Best Dishes and Where to Eat Them
(DK Publishing) ISBN 978-0756686000 0756686008

You will find the world's best places to eat food specialties in this culinary travel book. Featuring dining experiences and culinary traditions, the coffee table book specifies what to eat and where to eat in 125 destinations.

Besides signature dishes, Ultimate Food Journeys helps readers find the best hotels, best restaurants and best sights to see. The lavishly illustrated food-lovers' guide incorporates information on food markets, what to drink, cooking classes and food festivals to enhance tasting tours of the top dishes in the world.

Best international dishes

Organized by culinary destination and by type of food (e.g., tapas, steak, barbecue, doughnuts etc.), Ultimate Food Journeys describes the best dish in each location, along with travel information on getting there, where to stay, what to see and where to eat the food specialty.

Best dishes range from brik à l'oeuf in Tunis, Tunisia, and tandoori in Delhi, India, to curanto in Chile and chocolate in Bruges, Belgium.

Sidebars provide additional information for gourmet tours (e.g., food markets such as the Mercado Central in Valencia, Spain, and festivals that feature food specialties, like bunuelos de San Isidro, in Madrid).

Color photos depict the best foods, restaurants, markets, festivals and culinary destinations described in Ultimate Food Journeys.

World's best steaks

In the chapters devoted to individual foods, Ultimate Food Journeys describes the world's best restaurants (with addresses, websites and price range) where you can enjoy the foods. For example, the foodies' guide explains that you can find the best steaks in the world at Manolo in Buenos Aires and Angelo & Maxie's Steakhouse and Quality Meats, when eating in New York City.

The 336-page culinary coffee table book also describes food festivals around the world, listed by month, to enhance any gourmet tour. They range from the June Chanthaburi Fruit Festival in Thailand to the Mistura celebration of Peruvian cuisine in Lima every September.

Where to eat paella

In Madrid, Spain, Patricia Harris and David Lyon describe churrerias, where you can buy churros, deep-fried dough, traditionally dipped in thick hot chocolate for breakfast and snacks.

In the chapter on Valencia, Spain, they note the best paella restaurants (e.g., La Pepica). For food tours to other parts of the world, Pat Harris and David Lyon list the best international restaurants for Valencia's signature dish (e.g., seafood paella at La Choca in Veracruz, Mexico).

Ultimate Food Journeys - The World's Best Dishes & Where to Eat Them


  • Introduction
  • Europe
  • The Middle East and Africa
  • Asia and Australasia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Food Festivals Around the World
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Numerous writers and photographers provided the text and photos in Ultimate Food Journeys.

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