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The Smart Traveler's Passport
(Quirk Books) ISBN 978-1594741777 1594741778

The Smart Traveler's Passport lists 399 travel tips to help readers solve travel problems, save money and time.

Short, helpful tips provide practical advice on hotels, restaurants, what to wear, car and air travel.

This 224-page soft cover book resembles a thick passport. It provides easy-to-read tips and suggestions to help travelers, before, during and after a trip.

Becky suggests bringing a calculator for shopping in foreign markets. It avoids language problems and makes haggling easier. Kathryn advises readers to book a window seat for incredible island views when flying to the Caribbean. After spotting a broken cleaning solvent bottle at baggage claim, Aaron recommends waterproofing your luggage contents with garbage bags.

The Smart Traveler's Passport


  1. Planning Your Trip: Developing an Itinerary
  2. Before You Go: Packing Carefully and Preparing to Leave
  3. On the Journey: Traveling Made Comfortable
  4. Safety and Security: Keeping Your Family, Money and Belongings Safe
  5. Home Away from Home: Your Lodgings
  6. Getting Around: Public and Private Transportation
  7. Spending Wisely: Shopping and Eating
  8. Out and About: Visiting and Sightseeing
  9. Personal Connections: Keeping in Touch and Making Friends


Erik Torkells, Editor-in-Chief, compiled tips from the readers of Budget Travel magazine.

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