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National Geographic Traveler: Vietnam
(National Geographic Society) ISBN 0-792262034

With a booming economy, capitalism is alive in this communist country. National Geographic Traveler: Vietnam, with its maps, photos and essays, provides an authorative, in-depth guide for visitors planning to travel to Vietnam.

Comprehensive, clear and concise with in-depth descriptions and background information. Features provide essays on culture, history and current life. Suggested walking and driving tours with maps.

Well-illustrated with color images, detailed maps and artwork.

Vietnam hotels

Eight chapters feature attractions with places of interest selected by the author. Walks and drives are indicated on the maps with features and sidebars highlighting interesting details. The Travelwise section lists essential and useful travel information for planning with events, transportation, advice and a selection of hotels and restaurants.

In The arts, you sense the quality and depth of coverage provided by this guidebook. It covers literature, architecture (military and imperial, civil, religious, modern foreign) Cham art and architecture, painting, ceramics, lacquerware, theater, music, silk and fashion.

National Geographic Traveler: Vietnam


  • History & culture
    • Vietnam today
    • Food & drink
    • The land
    • Feature: The smaller dragon
    • Beliefs
    • History
    • The arts
  • Hanoi
    • Introduction & map
    • A walk around the Old Quarter
    • Feature: Water puppets
  • The north
    • Introduction & map
    • Feature: Hill tribes
  • North central
    • Introduction & map
    • Feature: Ho Chi Minh Trail
    • A drive along the DMZ
  • Hue & central Vietnam
    • Introduction & map
    • Hue
      • A walk along Le Loi
      • Feature: Garden homes
    • Central Vietnam
      • A drive down the Mandarin Road
  • South-central coast
    • Introduction & map
    • Feature: Kingdom of Champa
  • Southern & central highlands
    • Introduction & map
    • Feature: A last stand for elephants, tigers & rhinos
  • Ho Chi Minh City
    • Introduction & map
    • A walk along Dong Khoi
  • Mekong Delta
    • Introduction & map
    • Feature: Plight of the boat people
  • Travelwise
    • Planning your trip
    • How to get to Vietnam
    • Getting around
    • Practical advice
    • Emergencies
    • Further reading
    • Hotels & restaurants by region
    • Shopping
    • Entertainment
    • Activities & festivals
    • Index


Author of Over the Moat, a memoir of courtship in Vietnam, James Sullivan has bicycled solo from Saigon to Hanoi via Vietnam's Highway 1. Currently living in Hue with his wife and children, he's working on a novel about Vietnam.

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