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Martha Stewart's Pies & Tarts
(Clarkson Potter) ISBN 978-0307405098 0307405095

Looking for an orange tart recipe? A lesson on how to make an all-butter pie crust? A mini-peach tart recipe? The best pot pie for dinner? You will find both sweet and savory pie recipes in this Martha Stewart book.

Richly illustrated, this pie cookbook includes baking lessons on how to make a pie for everyday and company dinners. The 150 pie recipes range from an easy pumpkin pie recipe to a jam tarts recipe for children, complete with pie crust recipes and appetizing garnishes.

Recipes for quiche fillings

Pie and tart recipes are organized by style, from classic apple pie to savory vegetable tartlets.

Each chapter and recipe begins with an introduction. The honey and pine nut tart recipe introduction, for example, notes that it is called crostata di miele e pignoli, in Italy, and recommends using Tasmanian leatherwood and acacia honey to make it.

Some recipes in Martha Stewart's Pies & Tarts include variations, such as the following quiche fillings: mushroom and shallot filling, bacon and caramelized onion filling and leek and corn filling.

The 352-page pie and tart cookbook provides garnishing tips, e.g., use crystallized ginger to decorate coconut macaroon tartlets.

Mouth-watering pie photos

Photos (by Johnny Miller and others) of pies and tarts made with recipes in Martha Stewart's cookbook are so appetizing that you want to bake them right away. There is at least one photo for each pie and tart recipe. Most images are full-page.

Step-by-step photos and cooking lessons illustrate baking techniques like how to make puff pastry.

Holiday pies

Martha Stewart's Pies & Tarts includes holiday recipes, like Neapolitan Easter pie, a coconut and berry Passover tart, a pumpkin chocolate spiderweb tart for Halloween, a Christmas cranberry tart and a red, white and blue American flag pie for July 4.

Step-by-step baking lessons, with photos, explain how to make a lattice pie crust, how to make pie crust edges and how to make a double crust for a fruit pie. Besides traditional pie dough recipes, you will learn how to make cookie crusts, chocolate pie dough and cream cheese pie crusts.

Sample pie and tart recipes

Apricot pistachio tart. Chocolate mousse tart with hazelnuts. Honey acorn squash pie. Chocolate nut candy bar tartlets. Butterscotch praline cream pie. Frozen chocolate peanut butter pie. Yogurt and blueberry pie with granola crust. Pear, fig and walnut pie. Sweet potato souffle pie. Chocolate espresso tart. Fresh orange and yogurt tart. Banana and coconut cashew cream tart. Poppy seed tartlets with lemon curd. Vanilla bean pineapple tart. Maple nut tart. Spinach feta turnovers. Brie and apple custard tart.

Martha Stewart's Pies and Tarts


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