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Glorious One-Pot Meals
(Broadway Books) ISBN 978-0767930109 076793010X

Learn how to cook easy healthy meals in a Dutch oven. Elizabeth Yarnell describes her infusion cooking system that layers fresh vegetables, lean meat or fish, grains, pasta, herbs and sauces in a Dutch oven. Steam trapped in the pot cooks the food at high temperatures. Not to be confused with casseroles or slow cooker meals, the Dutch-oven recipes allow you to cook fresh, frozen and canned foods in the same pot.

What is infusion cooking?

A perfect book for cooks who don't like to wash a pile of dishes from cooking dinner, Glorious One-Pot Meals is informative and easy to follow.

The 223-page soft cover cookbook introduces readers to infusion cooking, with instructions on layering ingredients in a Dutch oven, based on type: dry goods, protein, root vegetables, other vegetables, herbs, spices and other flavorings.

One-pot recipes use a two-quart Dutch oven to create a meal for two people. Ingredients are layered, steam-cooked and infused with flavors from the other ingredients. Dutch oven recipes take less than one hour to make (five to 20 minutes preparation plus 35 to 45 minutes cooking time).

Dutch oven meals

The nutrition per serving follows each one-pot recipe (calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, cholesterol, sodium and fiber).

Elizabeth Yarnell begins each recipe with comments about the one pot meal and its ingredients. For example, in her Greek chicken recipe, she suggests substituting ripe, pitted California olives for kalamatas and frozen broccoli for the zucchini.

The cover of Glorious One-Pot Meals features the only photo of Elizabeth Yarnell's patented infusion cooking process — a meat and vegetable dish in a Dutch oven.

One-pot vegetarian dishes

Glorious One-Pot Meals includes recipes for vegetarian one-pot meals, such as aloo gobi, artichoke and mushroom pasta, sweet and sour tempeh, sesame peanut tofu and Thai curry with tofu.

Tips for recipe size adjustments help you adapt recipes to more servings and different Dutch oven sizes.

A chart associates vegetable colors with their nutritional content and health benefits.

Elizabeth Yarnell recommends that cooks substitute their own mixture of ingredients, using the one-pot recipes as guidelines.

Examples of easy one-pot recipes

Lemon rosemary salmon. Tandoori salmon with kale. Penne puttanesca. Adobo pork. Citrus ginger chicken with root vegetables. Piri piri chicken. Zucchini relleno. Curried veggies. Corned beef and cabbage.

Glorious One-Pot Meals


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Elizabeth Yarnell is a certified nutritional consultant who patented her one-pot infusion cooking process.

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