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Super Natural Every Day
(Ten Speed Press) ISBN 978-1580082778 1580082777

A natural food diet is easy with Heidi Swanson's culinary advice on whole foods cooking. Her vegetarian cookbook includes 100 recipes for everyday meals, snacks and drinks.

Readers learn about natural cooking with hormone-free, unprocessed, non-GM natural foods. Swanson's recipes are healthy and delicious, even if you are not a vegetarian.

Vegetarian cooking

The introduction to the 247-page natural foods cookbook discusses where to buy natural food products and cooking with natural foods, like extra-virgin coconut oil, nuts, seeds, beans and whole grains.

Organized by type of meal, each chapter begins with an introduction and natural recipe index. Heidi Swanson offers cooking tips in recipe introductions. For example, she suggests making a vinaigrette with fresh Bing cherries to dress her whole grain rice salad, made with spinach, basil, goat cheese and walnuts.

Sidebars in Super Natural Every Day add recipe variations (e.g., seasoning frittata with Thai curry paste) and natural food ingredient substitutions (e.g., maple syrup as a substitute for pomegranate molasses).

More than 100 color photos by Heidi Swanson and Wayne Bremner depict natural food ingredients and vegetarian dishes made from Super Natural Every Day recipes.

Online sources of natural foods

The sources section provides websites where you can buy natural foods online (e.g., dry harissa from Juliet Mae Spices).

Heidi Swanson's cookbook also includes recipes for baking with whole natural foods in the treats chapter.

About 50 per cent of the appetizing recipes in Super Natural Every Day are for vegans.

Sample vegetarian natural food recipes

Millet muffins. Chanterelle tacos. Rye soda bread. Turnip chips. Roasted chickpeas. Little quinoa patties. Green lentil soup. Macaroon tart. Homemade creme fraiche. Roasted strawberries. Homemade whole grain mustard. Tortellini salad. Multigrain pancakes. Black bean salad. Baked oatmeal. Black pepper tempeh. Kale salad.

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Heidi Swanson is the author of Cook 1.0, Super Natural Cooking and the 101 Cookbooks culinary blog.

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