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The One-Block Feast - An Adventure in Food from Yard to Table
(Ten Speed Press) ISBN 978-1580085274 158008527X

This how-to guide to sustainable food is ideal for urban homesteaders. According to One-Block Feast, producing and cooking organic local food is possible, whether you live in the city or country.

Locavores can raise and grow food with gardening tips and urban sustainability advice from Sunset magazine. Margo True provides 100 seasonal recipes and tips on how to eat locally.

Using first-hand experience from the Sunset magazine garden, she explains how to make honey wine, starting with beekeeping, how to make cheese, salt, wine and beer. Following her garden advice and tips on local cooking, you can create seasonal feasts from locally grown food.

Gardening tips

Organized by season, this 264-page local food cookbook begins with seasonal garden advice, followed by spring, summer, fall and winter recipes. For example, the chapter on winter gardening describes projects like making mead (honey wine) and planting cool weather vegetables, like kale, so that you can eat locally grown food in winter.

Using winter recipes, like tangerine honey flan, Margo True and the Sunset magazine team help you create a winter feast from local foods.

Sidebars throughout One-Block Feast provide gardening tips, like how to store leftover seeds (in packets, in sealed mason jars or heavy plastic bags in the freezer).

Color photos depict seasonal recipes from One-Block Feast, gardening techniques and local produce. Colored diagrams illustrate seasonal garden plans.

Eating local foods

Eating local is easy with this do-it-yourself guide to urban sustainability. For each vegetable, herb and fruit, One-Block Feast lists best planting site, the number of days to harvest, planting and fertilizing advice, how to harvest, as well as seed and seedling sources.

Each local food recipe includes nutritional information, including amount of calories, protein, fat, carbs, sodium and cholesterol.

Sample seasonal recipes

Oven baked steak fries with chile mayonnaise. Homemade Gouda cheese. Roasted spiced butternut squash seeds. Whole wheat rosemary shortbread. Walnut honey crisps. Butternut squash compote with honey and toasted walnuts. Homemade butter and buttermilk. Vegetable shepherd's pie. Caramelized tangerine and ricotta tart. Sticky, chewy tangerine marmalade. Carrot and beet chips. Grilled carrot salad. Clotted cream for scones.

One-Block Feast - Adventure in Food from Yard to Table by Margo True, Sunset Magazine


Essential Gardening Guidelines
  • The Story of Our Summer Feast
  • Summer Garden
  • Summer Projects
  • Summer Recipes
  • The Story of Our Fall Feast
  • Fall Garden
  • Fall Projects
  • Fall Recipes
  • The Story of Our Winter Feast
  • Winter Garden
  • Winter Projects
  • Winter Recipes
  • The story of our Spring Feast
  • Spring Garden
  • Spring Projects
  • Spring Recipes
  • Regional Planting and Harvesting Timelines for Your Own One-Block Feasts


Margo True is the food editor of Sunset magazine.

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