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Hello, Jello! - inventive recipes for gelatin treats and jiggly sweets
(Ten Speed Press) ISBN 978-1607741114 1607741113

Jello desserts and drinks are not just for children, the elderly and infirm. In Hello, Jello!, Victoria Belanger provides 50 gelatin recipes that are so impressive you will want to serve them at parties.

Her recipes range from vegan gelatin dishes made with agar-agar powder to molded Jello desserts for Christmas and other holidays. She supplements these easy and inexpensive drink and dessert recipes with questions and answers about making gelatin.

Alternatives to Jello shots

The 121-page cookbook is organized by type of gelatin dessert, e.g., layered, creamy, fruit or jiggly drink. Victoria Belanger introduces each chapter and recipe with preparation tips.

For example, she explains how to add clear bubbles to a gelatin drink made with champagne. Enveloping sliced strawberries, it is far classier than a Jello shooter. So is her recipe for a mojito made with rum and a raspberry cosmo made with vodka and triple sec.

How to unmold Jello

The introduction to Hello, Jello! features solutions to common problems, e.g., how to get Jello out of a mold and how to make Jello chill faster in the fridge. (Use smaller molds or place the bowl in ice water.)

Victoria Belanger also explains how much Knox gelatin is in an envelope (1/4 oz. or 1 tablespoonful), so you can also buy appropriate quantities of flavored and unflavored gelatin at a bulk food store.

Vegan gelatin recipes

Most of the recipes in this Jello cookbook use unflavored gelatin. A few use 3-ounce packages of flavored Jello.

Recipes are suitable for company desserts (e.g., chocolate raspberry mousse cups), everyday dinners (e.g., chocolate peanut butter cups), kids (e.g., marshmallow butterscotch Jello), holidays (e.g., pumpkin pie) and vegans (e.g., maple soy agar).

A sidebar compares the differences between gelatin and agar-agar. (Jello needs to be refrigerated to set, but agar-agar gels at room temperature.)

Photos by Angie Cao depict Jello molds, gelatin desserts and drinks made from Hello, Jello! recipes.

Hello, Jello! by Victoria Belanger


  • Chapter 1 - Tips, Tricks, Tools and Techniques
  • Chapter 2 - Suspended Fruit and More
  • Chapter 3 - Creamy and Dreamy
  • Chapter 4 - Boozy Molds
  • Chapter 5 - Fruit-and-Cream Layered Molds
  • Chapter 6 - Seasonal Holiday Molds
  • Chapter 7 - Americana and Other Favorites
  • Chapter 8 - Vegan Delights
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Victoria Belanger publishes a Jello mold website ( Raquel D'Apice is co-author.

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