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The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up - Grilling, Tailgating, Picnicking and More
(Ballantine Books) ISBN 978-0345513632 0345513630

The Deen brothers provide the best recipes for grilling, picnic ideas and tailgating menus in this book about outdoor cooking. Eating outside is easy with their grilling ideas, tips for outdoor entertaining and beautifully illustrated recipes for outdoor snacks, main courses, desserts and drinks.

Outdoor cooking

Organized by type of outdoor cooking—backyard grilling, tailgating food and picnic recipes—this 210-page cookbook makes cooking outside easy and fun.

Jamie Deen and Bobby Deen introduce each chapter and recipe. For example, in the chapter on tailgating recipes, they explain that metal skewers are better than wooden skewers because they don't burn and they are reusable. Ideas for the grill include storing beef teriyaki skewers in their marinade in a plastic container in the cooler, so they are ready to grill when you arrive at the tailgate party.

Ben Fink Photography depicts delicious picnic recipes, tailgate menus and ideas for grilling from Get Fired Up. Ben Fink's images also show Jamie and Bobby Deen and their family at beach picnics, tailgate parties and the grill doing outdoor cooking.

Grilled desserts

The Get Fired Up cookbook includes many cooking tips from the Deen brothers, like how to tell when the meat is done on the grill and how to make homemade tortilla chips.

Among the best recipes for grilling, you will find grilled dessert recipes for outdoor eating. They include grilled banana splits, grilled chocolate and Heath bar quesadillas and ginger butter grilled peaches.

Sample grilling & picnic recipes

Pesto chicken breasts with sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella. Kielbasa-stuffed whole turkey breast. Balsamic cherry pork chops. Spicy sesame pork ribs. Steak fajitas with smoky grilled guacamole. Minty lamb chops stuffed with feta and lemon. Grilled four cheese pizza. Grilled brown sugar Brussels sprouts. Smoky potato salad with horseradish mayo. Sweet potato coins with creamy honey drizzle. Pesto shrimp skewers. Bacon and cheddar stuffed burgers. Tuna salad wheels. Broccoli salad with walnuts and raisins. Mini potato chip frittatas. Vidalia onion and beer dip. Chicken and peanut meatballs. Glazed barbecue shrimp. Pomegranate punch.

The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up by Jamie and Bobby Deen and Melissa Clark



On the Grill
  1. Chicken, Steaks and Other Hunks of Meat
  2. Hot Sammies, Flatbreads and Pizzas
  3. Smoky Sides
On the Field
  1. Tasty Skewers
  2. Burgers and Dawgs
  3. Snacks, Sides and Pregame Bites
On the Blanket
  1. Sandwiches and Wraps on the Go
  2. Salads That Travel
  3. Finger Foods, Dips and Nibbles
On the Beach
  1. Dishes with Fishes
  2. Seaside Sippers


Jamie and Bobby Deen operate the Lady & Sons restaurant with their mother, Paula Deen. This is their fourth cookbook written with Melissa Clark.

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