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Canadian Living: Make It Tonight - Delicious, no-fuss dinner solutions for every cook
(Transcontinental Books) ISBN 978-0981393865 0981393861

The Canadian Living Test Kitchen provides recipes for company and everyday, including easy dinner ideas, fast dinners, toaster oven dinners, make-ahead dinners and barbecue dinners.

The 240-page cookbook also includes a nutrient analysis for each dinner recipe and time-saving tips. Canadian Living-tested recipes include main courses, side dishes and desserts.

Dinners for company and everyday meals

Organized by cooking time, cooking utensils (toaster oven, slow cooker), make-ahead, barbecue, company, side dish recipes and desserts, Canadian Living: Make It Tonight begins each chapter with a recipe index.

The introduction to each dinner recipe includes ingredient substitutions, cooking tips and serving suggestions. For example, the Canadian Living Test Kitchen recommends using leftover mashed potatoes to save time when making the turkey potato patties recipe.

A nutritional analysis, at the end of the dinner recipes, lists calories, protein, fat, carbs, fiber, cholesterol, sodium, calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Sidebars add supplemental recipes, e.g., how to make your own seasonings and herb blends, like herbes de Provence, poultry seasoning and Italian herb seasoning.

Fifty full-page color photos depict fast and easy dishes for company and everyday meals made with dinner recipes from Canadian Living: Make It Tonight.

Cooking tips for quick dinners

Several recipes in Make It Tonight include variations. For example, a variation of the creamy lemon dill dressing recipe is creamy blue cheese dressing, made by substituting blue cheese, chives and wine vinegar for the dill and lemon juice.

Other Canadian Living recipes in the dinner cookbook feature cooking tips. The recipe for open-faced shrimp and egg sandwiches ends with a list of sweet onions that do not cause tears when chopped—Spanish, Vidalia, Walla Walla, Texas SuperSweet and Maui.

Home cooks will find six recipes for corn-on-the-cob toppings (pesto butter, Provencal butter, Indian-spiced olive oil with butter, Mediterranean olive oil, smoky orange mayonnaise and lemon pepper mayonnaise).

Sample fast and easy recipes

Corned beef and avocado rolls. Beef and sweet potato stir-fry. Meatball noodle soup. Red pepper pasta. Sun-dried tomato meat loaf. Swiss chard gratin. Slow cooker short ribs in red wine sauce. Chipotle pork burritos. Chicken with mango chutney and brie. Barbecued chicken pizzas. Green onion pork burgers. Grilled peanut tofu salad. Goat cheese-stuffed chicken breasts. Maple soy-glazed salmon. Pecan-crusted chicken cutlets. Coconut curry shrimp. Roasted cauliflower salad. Lightened-up creamed spinach. Chocolate peanut butter pudding cake. Plum hazelnut crumble. Ginger pear muffins.

Make It Tonight by Canadian Living


Make It Tonight:
  • in 15 to 30 minutes
  • in 30 minutes
  • with five or so ingredients
  • in one pot
  • from the pantry
  • in the toaster oven
  • in the slow cooker
  • and freeze for later
  • on the barbecue
  • for company
  • breakfast for dinner
  • side dishes and salads
  • sweets and treats


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