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American Heart Association No-Fad Diet
- A Personal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss
(Clarkson-Potter) ISBN 978-0307407597 0307407594

This American Heart Association (AHA) diet book provides weight loss meal plans, low-calorie recipes and diet tips to help you lose weight.

Weight loss for men and women is achievable with the AHA tool kit, which includes a food diary, charts for calorie counting and guides for an active lifestyle.

Nearly 200 diet recipes range from healthy snacks and drinks to main courses and desserts. No-Fad Diet helps you set weight loss goals, learn healthy eating habits and keep weight off.

Diet tips

The 450-page weight control book begins with meal plans for weight loss and practical information about healthy lifestyle choices.

Each chapter in No-Fad Diet begins with an index of low-calorie recipes that can be incorporated into weight loss programs.

Diet recipes include a nutrition analysis with amounts of calories, fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates and proteins, per serving, as well as diabetic food exchanges.

Several recipes include cooking tips, e.g., spraying measuring cups with cooking spray, before measuring honey, allows the honey to pour out easily without sticking.

No-Fad Diet has no photos, but it features several charts with information to promote weight loss.

Weight loss meal plans

Weight loss menus include 1,200-calorie, 1,600-calorie and 2,000-calorie diet plans for two weeks. Menu plans specify calories, food groups and serving sizes.

No-Fad Diet provides warnings about fad diets. For example, a weight loss system should not recommend replacing meals with drinks or food bars.

Sample low-calorie recipes

Maple peanut dipping sauce. Banana blueberry smoothies. Carrot pineapple slaw with ginger. Mango avocado salad. Chicken and toasted walnut salad. Flank steak with sesame lime dressing. Baked almond crunch halibut. Fish tacos with tomato and avocado salsa. Grilled honey mustard chicken with pineapple salad. Chicken breasts with spinach, apricots and pine nuts. Beef tenderloin with horseradish cream. Slow cooker barbecue beef in pitas. Pork tenderloin with orange ginger sweet potatoes. Broccoli bake with three cheeses. Pesto and pecan rice. Apple and dried cherry quick bread. Cinnamon walnut biscotti. Pumpkin oatmeal cookies. Chocolate hazelnut fondue.

American Heart Association No-Fad Diet: A Personal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss

Contents of American Heart Association No-Fad Diet

Part 1: Losing Weight and Keeping It Off
  • Chapter 1. THINK SMART: make a new start
  • Chapter 2. EAT WELL: good food for better health
  • Chapter 3. MOVE MORE: more fit and less fat
  • Chapter 4. MAINTAIN MOMENTUM: keep up the good work
  • Chapter 5. PASS IT ON: family, food and fitness
Part 2: Menu Planning and Recipes

Menu Planning
  • About the Menu Plans
  • 1,200-Calorie 14-Day Menu Plan
  • 1,600-Calorie 14-Day Menu Plan
  • 2,000-Calorie 14-Day Menu Plan
  • About the Recipes
  • Appetizers Snacks and Beverages
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Meats
  • Vegetarian Entrées
  • Vegetables and Side Dishes
  • Breads and Breakfast Dishes
  • Desserts
Part 3: No-Fad Toolkit
  • My Personal Weight-Loss Plan
  • My Daily Food Diary
  • Switch and Swap Food Substitutions
  • My Menu Planner
  • Menu Planner Chart by Food Group
  • Entrée Recipes by Calorie Count and Food Group
  • Snack Ideas: 50 Calories and Under
  • Snack Ideas: 51 to 100 Calories
  • Common Foods by Calorie Count
  • My Personal Physical Activity Plan
  • My Activity Tracker
  • Calories Burned in 30 Minutes of Continuous Activity

American Heart Association No-Fad Diet author

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