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Peterson's Holiday Helper - Festive pick-me-ups, calm-me-downs and handy hints to keep you in good spirits
(Clarkson Potter) ISBN 978-0307395467 0307395464

This 128-page drink cookbook features cocktail recipes for hot drinks and cool beverages for New Years, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Home bartenders will find beverage recipes for classic drinks, such as Tom & Jerry, and creative cocktails, including the Poinsettia (Champagne and Cointreau).

New Year's drinks

Humorous and nostalgic, Peterson's Holiday Helper organizes drink recipes chronologically from Thanksgiving to New Years.

Each chapter and recipe begins with an introduction that discusses holiday traditions.

Garnish ideas

Recipe notes add tips, such as how to soften candied ginger (soak it in bourbon). Each drink recipe includes serving size, glassware suggestions and garnish recommendations (e.g., garnish hot cider in mugs with apple peel and dried apple rings).

Color and black & white photos of families celebrating holidays, old posters and advertisements, and old-fashioned Christmas decorations illustrate the holiday drink recipes.

Homemade liqueurs

The Recipes by Type index lists hot drinks (e.g., hot toddy), homemade liquors (e.g. vanilla-infused vodka), drinks for a crowd (e.g., glogg), non-alcoholic drinks (e.g., nice hot chocolate) and drinks made with Champagne, wine, hard cider, brandy, gin, tequila, scotch, rum, fruit liqueurs and ale.

Recipes include infused vodkas, simple syrup, a punch bowl ice ring and fruit juice ice cubes. The Resources section lists Internet sources for cocktail rimming sugars, fruit syrups and bitters.

Holiday beverages

Examples of holiday drink recipes: Dickensian smoking bishop (mulled wine). Mayflower mulled cider. Double-stick Scotch coffee. Wassail ale. Emergi-gift coffee liqueur. Holiday hand warmer (hot buttered rum). Cranberry-infused vodka. R-rated eggnog. Merry berry mojito. Cornucopia sangria. Tea with a punch. Nice n' naughty hot chocolate.

Peterson's Holiday Helper


A note on the recipes
  • Chapter 1: Thanksgiving lubrications
  • Chapter 2: Holiday chore chasers
  • Chapter 3: Full-of-tradition "Toasts"
  • Chapter 4: Socializing spirits
  • Chapter 5: Present-ation potions
  • Chapter 6: Aftershock therapies
  • Chapter 7: Ringing-in refreshments
Basic Recipes and Techniques
Recipes by type


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