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Pizza on the Grill
(Taunton Press) ISBN 978-1600850066 1600850065

Learn how to grill pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Find recipes for 50 meat, vegetarian, seafood and sweet pizzas bursting with flavor, sauces, toppings and a variety of cheeses. Make your own dough and grill it, using easy techniques for gas or charcoal grills and ovens.

Every bit of this cookbook smacks of enthusiasm! Each recipe includes tips for alternate ingredients (Adventure Club) and wine pairing (Drink This). Symbols indicate which pizzas are best eaten with a knife and fork, which pizzas kids will like and which are the top ten pizza recipes.

This 154-page soft cover cookbook includes 50 additional recipes for appetizers, dips and snacks to serve before the pizza, as well as salads to accompany them.

Spelt crust

Pizza dough recipes include handmade white and whole wheat flour dough, as well as gluten-free spelt dough and bread machine pizza dough. The cookbook includes recipes for unusual pizza sauces like sun-dried tomato pesto, white bean puree, grilled eggplant purée and roasted garlic paste.

To enhance the flavor of freshly-baked pizza, Elizabeth Karmel and Bob Blumer include recipes for infused oil and a spice blend.

Many mouthwatering, full page color images of main course and dessert pizzas illustrate the recipes in Pizza on the Grill. The finished pizzas are seldom perfectly round or square.

How to cook pizza on BBQs

The Basic Training chapter describes the 1-2-3 Technique for Grilled Pizza to create a crispy, smoke flavored crust. Master Instructions explain how to heat the grill and oven, where to place the pizza dough on one- and two-burner grills, how to shape the dough to fit grills and how to flip and rotate pizza crusts before adding sauce and toppings.

Pizza on the Grill recommends nineteen different cheeses and suggests buying the best quality to make the best pizza. Examples of professional secrets include preheating the grill, testing for doneness and advice on when to raise and lower the BBQ lid.

Pizza recipes

A sidebar recommends adding herbs, cheeses, nuts, citrus zest and dried fruit to make flavorful pizza crusts. A table lists common pizza problems and their solutions. For example, if the toppings don't cook during grilling, precook them before making the pizza.

Blistered corn, asparagus and pesto pizza. Drunken shrimp pizza. Grilled pineapple and pancetta pizza. Caramelized pear and roasted walnut pizza. Garlic and red chile cured black olives. Slow roasted onion dip. Chile dusted jicama and grapefruit salad. Artisanal baker's dough. Tomato basil base sauce.

Pizza on the Grill


How to use this book
Basic Training
  • How to grill your pizza
  • Master Instructions: The gas grill method
  • Master Instructions: The charcoal grill method
  • Know your dough
  • The sauce
  • The toppings
  • The cheeses
  • Finishing touches
  • The equipment
  • Professional secrets
The Pizzas
  • The Classics
    • Queen Margherita pizza
    • All-American pepperoni pizza
    • Mushroom pizza
    • Sausage & sweet pepper pizza
    • Very cheesy pizza
    • Presto pesto pizza
  • Marvelous & Meatless
    • Fire-roasted tomato & Cabrales pizza
    • White-on-white pizza
    • Tri-pepper pizza
    • Blistered Corn, asparagus & pesto pizza
    • Magic mushroom medley pizza
    • Forty olive & pimento pizza
    • Fire-roasted veggie pizza
    • Lucy in the Sky with pizza
  • Seaworthy Pizzas
    • Maine event lobster & corn pizza
    • Drunken shrimp pizza
    • Clams Casino pizza
    • Smokin' salmon pizza
    • Puttanesca pizza
    • Crab & artichoke pizza
  • Porkilicious Pizzas
    • Grilled pineapple & pancetta pizza
    • Prosciutto & parmigiano pizza
    • White bean, Italian sausage & rapini pizza
    • B+BLT pizza
    • Croque Monsieur pizza
    • Queso fundido pizza
    • Yukon Gold Rush pizza
    • Fennelicious pizza
    • Spanish Fly pizza
    • Greens on white pizza
    • Country ham & fig pizza
    • Pulled pork pizza
  • Tastes like Chicken
    • Chicken Caesar pizza
    • Kansas City BBQ chicken pizza
    • Thai one on pizza
    • Kung pao cashew chicken pizza
    • Bollywood chutney chicken pizza
  • Big & Beefy Pizzas
    • Black 'n' blue steak pizza
    • Bacon cheeseburger in paradizza
    • Nacho libre pizza
    • Gaucho pizza
    • The great Greek pizza
  • Morning Glories
    • Artichoke Benedict pizza
    • Cinn-o-bun pizza
    • Green eggs & ham pizza
  • Sweet Thangs
    • Funky monkey pizza
    • Port-drizzled fig & Stilton pizza
    • Orange chocolate truffle pizza
    • Caramelized pear & roasted walnut pizza
    • Caramel apple pie pizza (a la mode)
    • Very berry pizza
Nibbles & Noshes
The Pantry
Equivalents Chart


Elizabeth Karmel and Bob Blumer

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