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River Cafe Pocket Books - Fish and Shellfish
(Ebury Press) ISBN 978-0091914363 0091914361

How to cook fish and shellfish using regional Italian recipes from the River Cafe London restaurant.

River Cafe Pocket Books - Fish & Shellfish contains 101 easy-to-follow recipes on 192 pages.

Metric seafood recipes are organized by preparation style: raw, grilling, baking, roasting, frying and poaching.

Appetizing color images depict many recipes in River Cafe Pocket Books - Fish & Shellfish.

The introduction to the seafood cookbook tells readers how to select fresh fish. The River Cafe cookbook also describes how different regions of Italy prepare and serve raw, cooked and cured fish.

Langoustine carpaccio. Grilled sea bass stuffed with herbs and lemon. Fried scallops with capers. Monkfish spiedini with pancetta. Sea bass baked in a bag with vermouth and fennel. Whole salmon baked in salt. Grilled whole baby squid. Spicy Sicilian stew. Smoked eel with samphire and horseradish. Seared marinated tuna. Basil mayonnaise. Marjoram salmoriglio. Tarragon sauce.

River Cafe Pocket Books - Fish and Shellfish


  • Introduction
  • Chapter one: Raw fish
  • Chapter two: Grilled fish
  • Chapter three: Roasted & baked fish
  • Chapter four: Fried fish
  • Chapter five: Fish in soup
  • Chapter six: Cured fish
  • Chapter seven: Fish in a salad
  • Chapter eight: Sauces for fish
  • Index


Rose Gray ran the kitchen at Nell's Club in New York, before launching a restaurant in London with Ruth Rogers, American-born wife of architect Sir Richard Rogers.

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