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River Cafe Pocket Books - Pasta and Ravioli
(Ebury Press) ISBN 978-0091914370 009191437X

Add variety to pasta and ravioli dishes with different sauces and fillings made from River Cafe recipes.

Full-page color images illustrate many of the pasta dishes in this River Cafe cookbook.

River Cafe Pocket Books - Pasta & Ravioli is simple and straightforward, with 105 recipes on 160 pages.

All pasta recipes serve four unless noted otherwise. Ingredients include fresh herbs and free-range, organic eggs. Measurements are metric.

The River Cafe cookbook introduction describes the three basic types of pasta, how to cook pasta and cooking times for fresh and dried pasta.

Orecchiette with tomatoes and fresh ricotta. Spaghetti with artichoke and parsley pesto. Penne with tomato and nutmeg. Tagliatelle with dried porcini and sage. Spirali with clams and prawns. Taglierini with red mullet and bay leaves. Linguini with crab and fresh fennel. Ravioli with pumpkin, mascarpone and sage butter. Gnocchi romani.

River Cafe Pocket Books - Pasta and Ravioli


  • Introduction
  • Chapter one: Raw sauces
  • Chapter two: Cheese sauces
  • Chapter three: Vegetarian sauces
  • Chapter four: Fish sauces
  • Chapter five: Meat sauces
  • Chapter six: Stuffed pasta
  • Chapter seven: Gnocchi & gnudi
  • Index


Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers are chefs at the successful River Cafe, which they founded in 1987, and the hosts of a twelve-part television series. They are authors of five books, London River Cafe Cookbook, The Cafe Cookbook, River Cafe Italian Kitchen, River Cafe Cookbook Green and Italian Easy.

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