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Quick and Easy Recipes from The New York Times
(Broadway Books) ISBN 978-0767926232 0767926234

Quick and Easy Recipes from The New York Times is a collection of Bittman's simple, fast-to-prepare recipes, published in his New York Times column over 10 years. From appetizers to main courses and desserts, the recipes are flexible and require few ingredients.

Each of the 350 recipes includes preparation and cooking time. Mark Bittman provides tips on selecting ingredients, cooking and serving techniques, garnishes and accompanying dishes. A sidebar lists substitute ingredients to make variations of the recipe.

Novice and experienced cooks can use Quick and Easy Recipes from The New York Times to create meals for family dinners and entertaining.

Hints, throughout the 240-page softcover book, include where to find chicken soup stock (at an Asian market), how to prepare chick peas and dashi, how to make coconut milk and how to peel chestnuts.

Egg drop soup. Pan-roasted asparagus soup with tarragon. Steamed shrimp with lemongrass-coconut sauce. Clambake in a pot. Salmon roasted in butter. Broiled cornish hens with lemon and balsamic vinegar. Beef with caramelized sugar. 40-minute cassoulet. Stir-fried leeks with ginger. Pizza with arugula, corn and bacon. Pad thai. Mayonnaise.

Quick and Easy Recipes from The New York Times


  • Introduction
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Shellfish
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Beef and Veal
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Vegetables
  • Bread, Noodles and Rice
  • Sauces and Condiments
  • Desserts
  • Index


Mark Bittman wrote Best Recipes in the World and How to Cook Everything. He co-authored Simple to Spectacular and Jean-Georges: Cooking at Home with a Four-Star Chef. His column, The Minimalist, appears weekly in the New York Times Dining section.

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