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The Backyard Bartender
(Clarkson Potter, Publishers) ISBN 978-0307381057 0307381056

In Backyard Bartender, readers will find recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic frozen, on-the-rocks and shaken summer drinks. Nicole Aloni's creative beverage recipes include martinis, sidecars, margaritas, punches and desserts in a glass. This cocktail book gives home mixologists recipes for cool drinks to serve pool-side, at barbecues, picnics and summer parties.

The Backyard Bartender chapter introductions feature a light and lively cocktail history and celebrity quotes. Each of the 55 recipes includes number of servings, ingredients, recommended glasses and garnishes, and the author's description and serving suggestions.

Nicole Aloni lists drink preparation instructions in one to five easy steps. An umbrella symbol designates non-alcoholic cocktails.

Colleen Duffley's full-color images depict the thirst-quenching drinks with garnishes and glassware.

This 112-page hardcover book provides the basics, like how to stock a basic bar or dream bar, with appropriate quantities of liquor needed for entertaining, mixologists' techniques and tools.

A glossary in Backyard Bartender defines cocktail terms like bitters, jigger, dirty martini and infuse. Readers learn how to frost a glass, how to create a flavor rim, how to muddle and how to make a simple syrup.

A chapter on infusing summer flavors into spirits includes recipes which use hot peppers, fruit, vanilla beans, ginger, coffee or herbs.

Cajun heat martini. The Kiss. U-pick raspberry martini. Classic margarita. Manhattan. Sangrita rooster tail. Ten thyme smash. Orange basil mojito. Agua fresca. Salty puppy. Ginger blush martini. Mango-lime sangria. Pomegranate freeze.

The Backyard Bartender


  1. How to Stock Your Bar
  2. Techniques and Tools of the Mixologist
Cocktail ABCs
  1. Martini Madness
  2. Classic Cocktails
Ice Cube Central
  1. Soon-to-Be Classics
  2. Coolers and Tropical Cocktails
Alcohol Never Came into It
  1. Cocktails for a Crowd
  2. Sparklers
  3. Dessert in a Glass
Infusing Spirits
Glossary of Cocktail Talk
Index by Type of Alcohol Used


Nicole Aloni trained in France before beginning her 20-year catering career. She has catered the Academy Awards, prepared a state luncheon for Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and staged galas for U.S. presidents and foreign dignitaries. She wrote Cooking for Company and Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen.

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