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Cleveland Clinic Healthy Heart Lifestyle Guide and Cookbook
(Broadway Books) ISBN 978-0767921688 0767921682

Bonnie Polin and Frances Giedt are type 1 and type 2 diabetics. They develop recipes and menus to protect the hearts of people with cardiac disease. The Cleveland Clinic cookbook compiles information about healthy lifestyle and eating, with recipes from simple to gourmet. It provides healthy recipes and tips for diverse and tasty meals to promote better heart health for the entire family and their friends.

The first third of the Cleveland Clinic Healthy Heart Lifestyle Guide and Cookbook is a healthy lifestyle guide packed with advice and tips on the "what" and "why" behind lifestyle risk factors. Bonnie Polin and Frances Giedt discuss topics like diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and fitness in a simple yet comprehensive manner. Readers learn about food labels, portion control, vitamin supplements, snacking and reasons for craving food.

The remainder of the Healthy Heart cookbook features recipes with suggestions and tips for preparation, substitution, serving and storage. A dietitian's note adds nutrition information. Each recipe has a per serving breakdown of calories, fat, protein, carbohydrate, fiber, cholesterol, sodium and potassium.

There are no photos or illustrations in Cleveland Clinic Healthy Heart Lifestyle Guide and Cookbook.

Transfat guidelines. How much caffeine is too much? How to spot monounsaturated fat. Vitamins and minerals that support a healthy diet. Week-long meal plans.

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa with Tortilla or Jicama Chips. Warm Arugula with Polenta Croutons and Mozzarella Cheese. Pumpkin Ravioli in a Wild Mushroom-Ginger Broth. Roasted Tomato, Goat Cheese, and Arugula Sandwiches. Lime-Roasted Orange Roughy Almandine. Chicken and Squash Stew with Wild Rice. Mango Quinoa. Pear Tart with Chocolate Shavings. Raspberry-Filled Hazelnut Meringue Cookies.

Healthy Heart - Lifestyle Guide and Cookbook


  • Part 1 Lifestyle Guide
    • Chapter 1: Know Your Risks
    • Chapter 2: Healthy Body Weight
    • Chapter 3: Exercise is Essential
    • Chapter 4: Focus on Fiber
    • Chapter 5: Choosing and Using the Right Fats
    • Chapter 6: The Right Mix of Protein
    • Chapter 7: Fruits, Vegetables, and Other Nutrients That Support a Healthy Heart
    • Chapter 8: Alcohol and beverages — How Much is Too Much?
    • Chapter 9: Positive Lifestyle Strategies to Combat Stress and Smoking
  • Part 2 The Cookbook
    • Cardioprotective Pantry
    • Appetizers
    • Soups
    • Salads
    • Pasta with Vegetables
    • Vegetarian
    • Fish and Shellfish
    • Poultry
    • Lean Meats
    • Grains, Beans, and Legumes
    • Vegetables
    • Sweet Endings
    • Basics
    • Meal Plans
    • 1,600-Calorie One-Week Meal Plan
    • 2,000-Calorie One-Week Meal Plan
    • 2,400-Calorie One-Week Meal Plan
    • Food Diary
    • Index


Cleveland Clinic Specialists: Bonnie Sanders Polin and Frances Towner Giedt won a James Beard Award for The Joslin Diabetes Gourmet Cookbook. They also wrote several other notable healthy eating cookbooks: The Joslin Diabetes Quick and Easy Cookbook, The Joslin Diabetes Carbohydrate Cookbook, and The Joslin Diabetes Great Chefs Cook Healthy Cookbook.

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