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Paradise on Ice
(Chronicle Books) ISBN 081183302x

Fifty tropical cocktail, frozen drink and infused liquor recipes make your backyard chair feel like a hammock on a palm-fringed beach. "The modern tropical cocktail has arrived. Let the fun—and the limbo—begin."

Each chapter features exotic variations of popular cocktails, such as Tropitinis (tropical martinis) and Virgin Island (alcohol-free) drinks. One chapter is devoted to Love Potions from the Sultry Zone. Havana Good Time offers tips on invitations, decor, music and food, to create the perfect island ambience.

Colorful photos depict drinks and garnishes.

Besides information on bar tools, techniques, glassware and tropical fruits, you'll find tips on making garnishes, frosted rims and flavored syrups. Tropical infusion recipes include Coconut Rum, Ginger Vodka and Vanilla Tequila.

Kiwi-Pineapple Kiss. Tropical Tango for Two. Martinique Muse. Madagascar Mood Shifter. Between the Sheets. Banana-Coconut Bliss.

Paradise on Ice


  • Introduction
    • Tools of the Tropics
    • Island Accessories
    • Techniques from the Tiki Bar
    • Glassware
    • Liquid Measurements
    • Fruitropia and Other Lush Bounty from the Islands
    • Gilding the Lily
    • Rum Baby Rum
    • Agave Enlightenment
    • Jungle Juice
  • The Cocktails
    • The Tropitini
    • Eye of the Hurricane
    • Daiquirama
    • Classics from Cancer to Capricorn
    • Exotica
    • Mambo Margaritas
    • Mixing Under the Stars
    • Virgin Island
    • Havana Good Time
  • Index
  • Table of Equivalents


Mittie Hellmich's cocktail creations appear in several books, including Atomic Cocktails and Highballs High Heels.

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