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Great Canadian Cakes
(Prentice Hall Canada) ISBN 0130339768

A collection of 137 cake recipes from pastry chefs, bakers, moms and grandmothers from across Canada. Steel's self-proclaimed theme is "about celebrating the Canadian cook and baker, from the best professional kitchens to the warmest home oven."

"We are a nation of bakers," says Steel. Her obsession with the yummy treats is contagious. Cake Commandments ensure a perfect cake every time.

No photos, except on the cover.

Winning recipes from the Great Canadian Cake Contest. The history and science of cake. Low-fat cakes. Seasonal cakes, including Valentine Cake. A whole chapter on chocolate cakes.

Gooseberry Fool Cake. Amaretti Cheesecake. Flourless Chocolate Cake. Caramel Meringue Christmas Cake. Tomato Soup Cake with Barley Flour.

Great Canadian Cakes


  • Great Canadian Cakes
  • The History of Cake
  • The Science behind Cake
  • An Eye for Detail: Cake Decorating
  • The Cake Commandments
  • The Bare Necessities
  • Canada's Favorite: Chocolate Chip
  • A Piece of Cake from Quebec
  • A Piece of Cake from Ontario
  • Eastern Canada Bakes
  • Western Canada Bakes
  • Heritage Cakes
  • Our Professional Best
  • Special Occasion Cakes
  • The Great Canadian Cake Contest
  • Low-Fat Cakes
  • Index


Pamela Steel is a chef, magazine columnist and author of several cookbooks.

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