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The Flavours of Canada
- A Celebration of the Finest Regional Foods
(Raincoast Books) ISBN 1551921820

Stewart criss-crossed the country to collect personal stories and recipes from Native Canadians and Mennonites to fishermen and famous chefs. "As a culinary explorer," says Anita in her introduction, "I have been one of the most privileged people in the nation. I have tasted my land — savoured it deeply. This book chronicles much of that colourful journey. It's been almost two decades in the making and reflects countless meals across tens of thousands of kilometres."

Culinary Festivals

With more than 150 recipes and numerous details about regional products, producers, customs and festivals, it's a keepsake as well as a cookbook.

Lavish colour photos by Robert Wigington depict recipes, people and regions.

Arranged by region, from West to East, each chapter includes a culinary history that ranges from pemmican, the original "trail mix," to urban fusion cuisine. The cookbook is the winner of Cuisine Canada's Canadian Food Culture Gold Award.

Warm Wild Mushroom Terrine. Maple-Roasted Salmon. Roast of Pork Stuffed with Apples and Hazelnuts. Matrimonial Cake. The Best Butter Tarts.

The Flavours of Canada


  • Foreword (by Carol Ferguson)
  • Introduction
  • British Columbia
  • Prairies
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Atlantic
  • Acknowledgements
  • Sources
  • List of Recipes
  • Index


Anita Stewart is one of Canada's foremost culinary writers and promoters of Canadian food culture. This is her twelfth book.

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